The fibers will rub together and just become a tangled mess. What I learned is that before you untie the pieces of yarn that keep the hank together, you should wrap it around the pegs first. Take the end of the yarn hank and begin winding it into a ball. Surprisingly, this took some practice. That is why a swift is a great knitting and/or crochet tool to have in your craft room, or closet if you don’t have space like me. I sent my suggestions for names as a reply to the email. A yarn swift is a device that holds the hank of yarn open, and spins freely as you wind the yarn off of it. The swift will rotate and unwind the yarn into a ball in the same way as an umbrella swift. Your email address will not be published. The pegs are adjustable, which is great when you’re working with different sizes of yarn. Thank you for responding! Some clamp to the tabletop and others will sit on top of the table or on the floor. De la boutique PrimeDecorllc. Before they can begin the dyeing process, they have to wind the yarn into smaller pieces to dye. In order to crochet or knit with it, you have to wind it into a ball or a skein. 00. And recently I discovered my passion for design. Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Amish Style Wooden... Editor's Choice. Tags. The maximum circumference is 62 inches, which is … That’s great! . There are several types of swifts available, but the type that I use is called an umbrella swift. by J.K. Best Choice. The process is finished when no more yarn remains on the swift. When I was first introduced to yarn swifts, I didn’t understand the purpose fully. Think of it like the back of a chair but much, much better! An essential tool for any knitter or crocheter, the Yarn Swift holds your hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls. The most common material that swifts are made from is wood. A quick search and a few tutorials later, I discovered the purpose. The umbrella-shaped swift yarn is a medium-sized machine that perfectly fits a skein with a circumference of 6ft. The hank of yarn fits around the swift in the same manner as an umbrella or Amish swift, only you flip it vertically for use. So she gets a yarn swift, and I get a 6 foot hand knitted scarf made from Peruvian highland wool. Yarn Swift Umbrella Table Top Yarn Winder (fr) Support de winder de balle actionné à la main (fr) Outil de tricot pour les lignes d’enroulement rapides, fils de dentelles et fibre PrimeDecorllc. Yarn swifts come in many different styles. Create your own Christmas tree wall hanging to substitute the real deal. “How could a swift be an efficient tool for me,” I wondered. The purpose of a swift is to prevent yarn from tangling when you wind yarn into a ball. These swifts collapse for storing. Parcourez notre sélection de swift yarn : vous y trouverez les meilleures pièces uniques ou personnalisées de nos outils boutiques. However, if your goal is to wind hanks of yarn into balls without the yarn getting tangled, a yarn swift will compliment a ball winder. I'm always researching and teaching myself something new about crochet and knitting, which I share with you on the blog. An umbrella swift can actually be clamped to the back of a chair or something similar and be used vertically. Working horizontally (parallel to a floor) or vertically, umbrella swifts adjust to the largest range of hank sizes. Names I would suggest are Diane, Sheryn, Bonnie and Emma. It can be a bit confusing at first, but after you learn to recognize stitch patterns, counting rows will be... Hi, I'm Abby. I bought a plastic table top ball winder, which you can get online or at any craft store. Japanese or “Goko” style yarn swifts have a metal wheel that turns vertically between the wooden supports. A yarn swift is a mechanical helper who will hold the yarn steady for you whenever you like while you make cute little balls of knitting materials. This yarn swift is constructed using wood and features a pair of long pieces of wood that intersect in the middle to form four arms. And some skeins can hold more yarn than you’d ever want to manage by hand. A hank of yarn is essentially one long piece of yarn looped together to form one big circle. There are different types available. They are also easy to store since they collapse in the same manner as an umbrella. It has an adjustable diameter so that it can hold hanks of many sizes, and rotates around a central rod. Turn spare yarn... How to Count Crochet Rows - In Half the Time! For a good illustration, watch the video I have linked below of an Amish style swift. I'm the owner of Sew Homey. Question: Have you ever used a winder and yarn swift? 4.5 out of 5 stars 301. This yarn is called Pool Party, from Arkansas Yarn Co. As you can see, it’s twisted, which makes it easy to store.
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