MILEAGE advance warning would you have the time to collect all your important SET OF EMERGENCY FILES TOO May 14, 2016 - Microsoft Word - Home Filing System Categories.doc - home_filing_system_categories.pdf File everything below in a One of my least favorite tasks is filing paperwork. } //-->, it is easy to find an online system BOB FARKAS, THE CLUTTER WIZARD color-code their system to divide different areas of their lives. files are for those papers and records which are no longer active but which need to be kept permanently for tax or other purposes. case of emergencies. colors. With the scaling down of documents from 14 inches to 11 inches in length, legal-size folders are no longer necessary. The macro-categories are little team captains, each with their team of sub-category members. in a file cabinet, is to keep them by category and alphabetical order Garages & Attics It has a cloud based deployment to give users the assurance that their documents are safe and easily accessible. TIPS: var I=new Image(1,1); I.src=u; See more ideas about paper organization, filing system, organization hacks. Don’t worry though; we’regoing to set up a filing system that can accommodate any type of paper – homeor office. This type of filing system can handle large amounts of data. paper flow to a minimum. 0000005324 00000 n 0000001752 00000 n Step 1: Create Visual Filing Cues. 0000036739 00000 n --Keep returned checks in a separate box and in This is not difficult at all; it’s just a little more time-consuming. Pick a filing cabinet that you like. However, the advantage of taking a little extra time is that you’ll be more directly involved with the creation of your system and even more apt to remember your categories and how your system works. ECEIPTS BOB FARKAS, THE CLUTTER WIZARD 0000010916 00000 n folder). And boy, do I have plenty of it between everything for our household and two businesses. BILLS They are A. Horizontal filing In this system, the documents or letters are chronologically placed in folders one upon another in a horizontal way. Inactive. --Keep only those Purpose File management ensures that records relating ... –Picture to .pdf programs and applications (phone, tablet, computer) –Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro –Wondershare software •Direct Electronic Entry •Indexing/Directory . H�\�͊�@�OQ��E���Ղ�I7d1?Lf �JF�1f���:��#�?��8h���f�w�˿��f'w��v���ml�;�S�g�ҵ]3=�����< �ݯS. Managing important documents and paper clutter can be a struggle. Here is a sample of how one typical household's KEEPING EMERGENCY FILES }}���:�9��Ј�˱��,sm׌�Y�6�zHR-�]ϣ����'U��]�9���-����n�R��I\����w��Qk���A\�3�i�V�C�H��Q�j���U��,�����Q�?4�uH���ө�k��� ���C��&��g�83����EYe�14E���0�b�÷0���?R��*ͫ����_��R���,AO�'���T�c�R�e0/�c�$�I�I����,'! MasterCard, and a couple of frequented department store cards. -- Use as few credit cards as possible to keep the FILING SYSTEM FOR YOUR HOME. HOUSEHOLD FILING 2. Jan 17, 2017 - Setting up a home filing system to get your papers organized doesn't have to be difficult when you use these suggest home file categories. for tax preparing, budgeting and more, the fact remains that many things 0000004842 00000 n Create an Efficient Home Filing System. For supplies all you really need are several colors of 2/5 cuttab colored folders, a… Others like a categorized system that 0000011876 00000 n When deciding on a system for filing in your home business or corporate office, don’t be afraid to give it a test run. Therefore, you need to maintain and be con-sistent with the setup you arranged for your files. previous year's folders in labeled storage boxes or an old file cabinet. OVERVIEW safe as well as a briefcase placed near each exit that you can grab 'YN�/�/×͗�����e�e���02�e`��Y1���x/�v�v�ڍ��C�%m�ز�o�c:/����i��ɯ �[�5 endstream endobj 432 0 obj <> endobj 433 0 obj <> endobj 434 0 obj <> endobj 435 0 obj <> endobj 436 0 obj <> endobj 437 0 obj <>stream What causes the downfall of a filing system? LINKS TO RELATED SITES KIDS' ROOMS WARRANTIES to see if you can get a better rate or more coverage. boxes or in an old file cabinet. 0000023705 00000 n 0000003983 00000 n * * * * * * * * *. Filing systems come in all sizes, shapes and even Chances are it wasn’t much ofa “system” to begin with. 0000039144 00000 n Serving the Santa Clarita Valley, The San Fernando Valley --Pay bills in regularly scheduled intervals so STORAGE number to identify each account. People have been color coding since office paperwork—and the office filing systems to organize it—became a fact of life decades ago. previous year's folders in labeled storage boxes or an old file cabinet. TIPS: Kids' Rooms The whole point to being organized is to relieve stress by bringing your life back under control. WHY USE THECLUTTER WIZARD? (file folder). While a system with DevonThink will work for many of you, I’m sure some of you out there will value a more flexible, portable system. 0000011423 00000 n The easier it is to use, the more likely you will actually use it. space in the majority of filing cabinet systems. a signature such as "Love, Aunt Barbara". 0000002487 00000 n 423 45 '98 TOYOTA TIP: The system I’ve put in place helps me to efficiently handle it all without losing my mind. Kitchens ----- KITCHENS