While small, the mallard duck is an excellent addition to any backyard or pond. They have black bills and feet. But can be great pets. They are generally poor layers – nearer to 30 than 300 – but they are great characters. The modern Call duck is the smallest breed of domestic duck, weighing only 1-1½lbs. Log in, *We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. The original Call ducks were literally developed as calling ducks, to call down the wild mallard to the great traps or decoys of the marshes. This page contains over 100 types of Duck Species from around the world. May be a bit nervous. Although they lay a considerable number of eggs, they are commonly kept as pets or for ornamental and exhibition purposes. However, this duck breed is one you just have to consider. Both Bantams and miniatures are great to have as pets and are usually the duck breeds of choice for the Urban style homestead. Very calm temperament and fun, playful attitude. Click on a breed name to see pictures of the duck breed and read about its history, use, egg production, meat production, appearance, and more. Based on their weights, ducks can be grouped into 4 classes: heavy, medium, lightweight, and bantam. Active, and energetic but friendly and excellent foragers. But you may keep them as pets or for other ornamental purposes. Mallards are the most common ducks in North America. They do take some time to raise out for meat. From heavy duck breeds like the Aylesbury or Rouen to the ‘bowling pin’ Indian Runner or the tiny but noisy little Call duck, there’s usually a breed of duck that will tickle your fancy! High energy, “talkative”, good-natured and excellent flyers, Blue, black or silver (splash) with white bibs and slate bills, Very calm, extremely hardy, good foragers. Of these 4 classes of duck weights, those belonging to bantam classes usually stay small. The hens are fawn-colored with white eye stripes and orange bills and feet. Remember, you don't need a farmhouse to implement farmhouse design in any space. They can look green in certain lighting. Mergansers are the only types of ducks that regularly eat a large amount of fish and similar prey, and their bills are specialized to make them keen and ferocious hunters. Lairic, LLC is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. They do not need as much space and usually need smaller pools than the larger ducks. While the actual build is a few years out, I am using this blog as a place to consolidate all of my research and design ideas. The Miniature Silver Appleyard was created by Tom Bartlett in the late 1980s. The males of this breed have a green crested head, light-brown wings, and chestnut breast. We will review their unique features, sizes, and interesting facts about each one. Small dogs are part of many AKC groups, so there is a perfect breed for every lover of little dogs when it comes to personality, activity level and coat type. The Black East Indian, also known as the East Indie, is the oldest bantam duck breed. The Miniature Silver Appleyard is the bantam variety of the Silver Appleyard. The German Short Haired Pointer or GSP is a dog breed that’s effective for duck hunting. Ducks come in various sizes and weights that vary by breed. This duck breed is actually listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. Their eggs usually come out tan or glossy creamy white. This can pose problems like seizures, neurological problems, and an overly aggressive male may cause damage when breeding. Black East Indian ducks are not great layers. The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a medium-sized gundog bred primarily for hunting. The females have a darker head, grey-brown body and darker brown bill. Wood ducks live in swamps, beaver ponds, freshwater marshes, and bottomland forests. Crested ducks are a popular breed that is raised for both meat and eggs. Your email address will not be published. It is often referred to as a "toller". Mix and match to your taste. It is usually only consumed as game after hunting for sport. Top 4 Meat Duck Breeds. What Do Ducks Eat? Domestic Mallards are small, weighing only about 2.5 pounds, and excellent flyers, so if you choose to raise Mallards, a covered run is recommended to keep them contained. The result was a relatively small retriever that seldom weighs more than 50 pounds. 8 Beautiful Black Duck Breeds (with Pictures), Complete Guide to Chicken Breeds - Incl. A duck breed that is not flighty, cheeky, loud or shows any signs of stubbornness or aggression. At least a supervised child – they are still animals and children should not be left alone with any animal. They are also great layers, and they are sometimes reared as a dual-purpose bird. Drakes weigh 900g and ducks weigh 700 - 800g. It is the smallest of the retrievers, and is often mistaken for a small Golden Retriever.Tollers are known to be intelligent, easy to please, alert, and high-energy dogs. Ducks of the East Indie breed usually weigh less than 2.2 pounds. If you intend to keep Miniature Crested ducks, keep them in a clean, tidy area. These ducks have very little fat, but often taste greasy and very gamey. Duck hunting is a great way to keep their high energy levels satisfied. The drakes have an average weight of 1.9 pounds while the ducks have an average weight of 1.6-1.75 pounds. Each breed serves different purposes and have many features that distinguish them from each other. Their love for water keeps them happy and, therefore, healthy. Here’s a list of duck breeds with a link to a complete guide to each duck breed (although this list is still in progress and some breeds are missing). And 1/4 of the eggs that are fertile won’t even hatch. But this is inaccurate; the Silver Bantam is a separate breed. Friendly . The toy-sized calls come in many colours, from white or black to magpie, dusky, apricot and butterscotch. East Indie ducks have iridescent dark-green plumage, dark eyes, and dark feet. It is a lightweight breed that produces ample amounts of eggs each year – up to 300! The most common of this rarity is the White Mandarin Duck. They are widespread in places like suburban parks and cities. Their miniature nature makes them great for exhibitions and as pets. They lay 40 to 100 eggs a year. This probably is the most popular breed when you are interested in egg production. Mallard ducks are a very modest and colorful breed, a must have for the duck enthusiast! Nearly identical to the Mallard but they are larger and too heavy to fly away. This cute crest, however, is actually a genetic mutation. The smallest of the AKC’s retrievers, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please. Originally imported from America, there long persistent quacking was … They do great both on land and on water. You’ve owned ducks but weren’t prepared and lovingly and sadly gave them away declaring, “I’ll get more someday when I’m ready!”. They walk upright and rarely swim but love to bathe. They can lay as many as 100 eggs per year, so you may also get some eggs from them. All of our small duck breeds make excellent backyard ducks, friendly in nature and excellent foragers. In this article, we will take a closer look at 7 small duck breeds. The most prominent features of these small, slim, streamlined ducks are their narrow, serrated, hooked bills. The females are brown with blue wingtips, the males have a distinctive greenish head. Wood ducks are one of the prettiest waterfowls. Mallard duck is a wild duck that is farm-raised on a limited basis. I'm a single mom researching the nuances of building my own farmhouse. They must be friendly and gentle that you would allow a child to play with them. Some people assumed that the Silver Bantam was the bantam variety of the Silver Appleyard. Love them but are annoyed by the mess they make in the chicken water…or any water they can find. The females are brown with blue wing tips, the males have the distinctive greenish head. The drake’s bill is yellow while the duck’s bill is brown-orange. The females have gray crested heads, warm brown plumage, and a dark-blue patch in their wings. At least 80% of a wood duck’s diet is made up of plant matter. Call ducks originated in the Netherlands, and they were bred from Mallards. Top of the pops: the call duck (or crested drake in this case) is perfect for the small garden. eXtension W h ic h d uc k b r e e d is b e s t f o r s m a ll a nd b a c ky a r d p o ultr y f lo c ks ? Mallard Ducks. They feed on a variety of food both on water and on the ground. Duck Breeds: 14 Breeds YOU Could Own and Their Facts at a Glance. They were created by Roy Sutcliffe in Yorkshire in the late 1980s by crossbreeding Crested ducks with Calls and Miniature Appleyards. Call ducks are perhaps the smallest domestic ducks and one of the noisiest, too. The males are characterized by their small size, stunning white head, its thick blue bills and stiff tail features. This breed is ideal if you have a small garden, but keep their wings clipped as they may fly off when spooked. This is a bantam breed of duck with stunning, beetle green glossy plumage. The male Muscovy has characteristic fleshy growths around the eyes called caruncles.” ~. They can be used as pets, for exhibitions, and for ornamental purposes. Call ducks are perhaps the smallest domestic ducks and one of the noisiest, too. A rare breed in the U.S. Light brown with a bluish-green bill. Not as popular as it used to be, the Silver Bantam is a domestic duck breed that was created by Reginald Appleyard after the Second World War. The pictures are useful for quickly identifying an unknown duck. You may find them in marshes, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, city parks, and bogs. But if you cannot tolerate noise, you may want to avoid getting one as a pet. Miniature Crested ducks are very beautiful. Call ducks originated in the Netherlands, and they were bred … They are a bantam breed typically kept as pets or used for ornamental purposes. But since the artificial duck calls and decoys have replaced them almost entirely, they are mainly raised as pets. We offer a wide selection of day old large duck breeds that we expertly package and safely ship to anywhere in the United States! If keeping ducks is entirely or primarily being engaged in for meat purposes, choosing a larger duck breed known for achieving good muscle tone is a priority. This breed is thought to have its origins in the United States, but the specific location is not known. Lairic, LLC also participates in affiliate programs with Awin, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. I am currently working on designing a custom built farmhouse from the ground up. By the American Bantam Association (ABA) standards, drakes of this breed weigh 1.4-1.6 pounds while the ducks weigh 1.1-1.25 pounds. The males of this breed weigh around 2.4 pounds while the ducks weigh around 1.9 pounds. The Trullo is the smallest duck in North America, the mallard duck, the most common of all breeds of ducks, masked duck, which is closely related With the cinnamon mallow, duck a race in which the men are twice the size of the females, duck, which has a large bill in the form of spoon, reddish duck, tufted duck, that descend sharply , As well as surface to feed; Codon of white cheeks, warm weather that … I am very lucky to work with an electrical contractor and have several other friends in construction who indulge me when I want to pick their brains. Other duck breeds are good egg producers, as well. Like the large variety, they come crested, and you may have to trim the crest if it becomes too large. One of the first things you’ll notice when you see a Wood duck is their uniquely colored plumage. Silver Bantams look more like Abacot Rangers than the Silver Appleyard. This helps ensure their plumage and crest stay beautiful. Active, alert, energetic, and excellent foragers. Males resemble a male mallard with a beautiful green head, brown body, and white ring around their neck. The Ancona duck breed was developed in the UK in the early 1900s and most likely originated from the Runner and an old Belgian duck breed. On average, the miniature males weigh 2.6-3 pounds, and the females weigh 2.3-2.6 pounds. Mallards commonly live in wetland areas. The smallest duckling we sell is the Mallard duckling. While the Silver Bantam was initially known as Silver Appleyard Bantam, the name was modified when Tom Bartlett created the actual miniature Silver Appleyard. However, know that there are many types of ducks, and BirdEden categorizes them accompanied by their identification features and pictures to help you understand them well. Now that I have your attention. 200+ eggs per year that are somewhere between a white and light blue tint. Pekin Ducks. White feathers with a ball of feathers on top of their head. It was originally known as the Little River duck dog and evolved from a number of crosses that included the St. John's water dog, setters, spaniels, collies, and others. Their calls and quacks attract the wild ducks to the hunting area. Farmhouse Guide is owned and operated by Lairic, LLC, an California limited liability company. Black East Indian Duck. My ultimate list of the very best duck breeds. Gardening Tips: YOU can have a great garden! Duck Identification Guide: All the Types of Ducks With Pictures When we think of ducks, we mostly picture the mallard ducks or those that are found in local ponds. They weigh one-third of the standard variety. Both the duck and drake have buff plumage, orange-yellow shanks and feet, and brown eyes. This is also called a “crest”. My first house was a stick built house on a farm but not a farmhouse. 200 eggs per year which can be cream, white, green and blue. Closely related to the Magpie duck, the Ancona is a small, active breed of duck which is white with splotches of color. They were first known as the decoy duck, the name coming from the Dutch word 'de kooi' meaning ‘trap or cage'. Duck Breed #1: Khaki Campbell. The smallest of duck breeds, it also happens to be the noisiest, as its name suggested. They may also be blue and white with an orange bill. The wild varieties can be hunted in the United States, but they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 – meaning they cannot be sold, purchased, transported, or possessed without a permit. This breed is commonly seen in lakes, streams, & backyards throughout the U.S. How-To and Tips for Domestic and Wild Ducks ». The hens have brown feet and the drakes have orange feet and greenish heads. Drakes: oatmeal with a burgundy chest, silvery-blue wings, and charcoal gray-blue heads with a white ring around their neck and orange bills and feet. The females have a black bill, brown and white feathers, and a blue speculum feather ban. Click. Crested ducks have a puff of feathers on top of the head. NOT a duck (as we generally know them to be). This breed was developed in Yarmouth County, at the southern tip of Nova Scotia, in the 1800s. Although it is relatively unknown as the origin of this mutation. On average, adults of this breed weigh less than 2.2 pounds. Mallards weigh 1.6-3.5 pounds, making them bigger than most other dabbling ducks. They are also very loud and talkative. Some duck keepers consider this large-sized duck, average 8-9 pounds, to be the best dual-purpose large breed. This breed loves to forage and is very active. It is a classic heritage breed … The drakes weigh around 1.9 pounds while the ducks weigh around 1.75 pounds. Silver Bantams are good flyers and layers. The Mandarin drake (Aix galericulata) is known for its beautiful colors, but there are in Europe in captivity also various color mutations as white, apricot (or blonde) and black. “They have a body like a duck; they nest, attack predators, and hiss like a goose; they roost like a chicken, and they have a plump breast like a turkey. Domestic Duck breeds are grouped into Heavy, Medium and Light weight classes in the standards. They lay around 60-160 eggs per year. Call ducks are not the best egg layers. Fun facts: Originally bred by duck hunters. While some multi-purpose duck breeds, such as the Pekin, mature quickly, top meat ducks should reach butcher weight in roughly seven weeks. Black iridescent feathers. White with yellow feet and bill. The Livestock Conservancy lists the Ancona as critically endangered among duck breeds. They are a bantam breed typically kept as pets or used for ornamental purposes. All domestic ducks that are not Muscovy breeds come from Mallards. They have a gap in their skull that is covered by fatty tissue. These ducks are also grouped under the following:- Dabbling Ducks, Diving Ducks, Perching Ducks, Stiff-tail Ducks, Sea Ducks, Shelducks, and Whistling Ducks. Also, keep a very low ratio of drakes to ducks in each pen. Buff Orpington Ducks. For each clutch, they lay 8-12 eggs with an incubation period of 26-28 days. Because of their genetic mutation, breeding a crested duck to a crested duck can be fatal for their offspring. Indian Runner Ducks. 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They can lay 190-260 extra-large, white to blue-green eggs per year. Swedish Ducks. Hardy, a generally docile, flightless and great forager. Miniature Appleyards are hardy and lively. A miniature duck breed is a breed that has a larger counterpart and has been bred to be a lot smaller. The Crested duck, sometimes called the White Crested, is one of the most easily identified breeds. They have an orange bill. And if they do, half of the surviving ducklings won’t develop a crest. Drakes can damage the ducks’ crest, so keeping one drake for every 2-3 ducks will suffice. They are non-flight birds. Campbell Duck. There is never any additional cost to you. They feed by dabbling, and they prefer plant matter to animal matter. GSP pups need early training as gun dogs and taught to hunt fowl on the ground. You can expect them to lay anywhere between 250 to 340 eggs in a year.
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