Plus, you go there for two years for free(if you are fresh from high school)! The nine pathways offered by the school let students select an area of interest, such as health careers or industrial trades, and then explore occupations within that category. Available programs include certificates, three transfer degrees, continuing education and workforce development. The library at West Shore has a wide selection and is free to all students. All of my instructors were kind, helpful, and quick to respond to any questions I may have had with my courses. Top 10 Colleges in Michigan. The same sentiment seems to go for those who come into Whitman uncertain if its the right experience for them. They also offer activities throughout the year to get us, the students involved with our fellow peers and within our community. Lansing Community College is a great starter college, it provides a smooth transition to transfer to a University, but also has many great programs. I would like to see classes offered in organic agriculture and pest control. The workload is the perfect amount to where you are challenged but not overwhelmed. Another of the top online schools in Michigan, Central Michigan offers distance education programs at the bachelor’s, graduate, and doctoral levels, with unique offerings, such as fashion merchandising and design, nutrition and dietetics, and community development – all available 100% online. To make education more accessible, the school has online courses as well as night and weekend classes, and it offers more than 45 fully online programs. I have enjoyed the experience that I had at Kellogg Community College. Or visit the following websites to learn more about CTE in Michigan: If you're planning to transfer credits from a community college to a university in Michigan, the Michigan Transfer Agreement helps simplify the process. Some of the other students even offered to help me with homework if I had any trouble, and I'm very thankful for that. Go Roadrunners!Read 379 Reviews, Junior: The staff at the college are all very helpful and kind. I love the small campus and classes. Today, Washtenaw teaches about 1,500 classes a year in business, manufacturing, humanities, arts, healthcare, and media. Mott Community College is an excellent institution to earn inexpensive college credits! For me personally, it has been a challenge trying to figure out what classes transfer and what doesn't. I've taken classes in writing, programming, math, economics, political science, wellness, and sociology.KVCC has been an amazing college experience so far and I look forward to completing my degree here.Read 440 Reviews, Niche User: I love all the professors! The cost of the nursing courses was raised recently, putting a small strain on finances this year, which is the only downside. The teachers are all great and really know the subject matter. The professors are generally nice, give or take at least one. Approximately 550 high school students receive early college credit annually, thanks to a dual enrollment option. It has a beautiful campus with amazing, helpful and well trained staff. While its main campus is in Monroe, a second learning site can be found in Temperance. Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan is a public research university that ranked 116th in U.S. News & World Report's 2015 list of the best national universities. The staff involved in the honors programs can help you with everything from scheduling classes to figuring out what you want to go into career-wise. List of Community Colleges and Universities in Michigan. Mid Michigan Community College, Accessed June 2018,, Online Learning at MMCC, Mid Michigan Community College, Accessed June 2018,, Why Kirtland, Kirtland Community College, Accessed June 2018,, Kirtland Community College Facts, Kirtland Community College, Accessed June 2018,, Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) Frequently Asked Questions for Students, Michigan Transfer Agreement, Accessed June 2018,, Participating Institutions, Michigan Transfer Network, Accessed June 2018, The location of Walla Walla is a hard sell for anyone who isn't into the idea of a rural college, but many students end up surprised at how much they like the area by the time they graduate. It has a beautiful campus with amazing, helpful and well trained staff. Otherwise, the school is nice. All of the professors are approachable and very personable. It's a large public college in a outlying rural. Students are usually very nice and helpful, and they always seem to have something going on involving the student senate. She regularly talks about politics and other topics not appropriate for class. Other divisions, such as Health and Human Services, offer programs intended to take students directly from the classroom to the workplace. 149 of these awards were given by colleges in Michigan alone, making it the 7th most popular state for zoology students. On the first day of college, a lot of staff members were greeting us and asking us if we needed any help find our classes and all students and staff had big smiles on their faces everyone is so friendly. Therefore, the only con is the large amount of bad professors. There are amazing tutoring programs and a great deal of resources available. Kalamazoo Valley Community College. Located in the heart of the state's capital city, Lansing Community College is another of the best Michigan community colleges. It is a wonderful school to earn some cheap college credits to transfer to another university. It was established in 1957 and is a comprehensive institution. Michigan is home to more than 200 public and private colleges and universities, community colleges and career colleges. The school features an open-door policy, small class sizes and a diverse student body. And is always improving organic agriculture and pest control college is known for culinary. Both students and other students affordability and reported alumni salaries to represent the best colleges in Michigan never an... Partnerships among the 28 Michigan public community colleges and offer programs intended to take extra time help. Average cost after financial aid Department is very good as well an issue I had to connect their... About MCC is willing to take more than just a community college offers education for.: the staff is all very helpful for answering questions about payments can explore careers related to their,! Wscc, so I only take 2 classes per semester specific major or program really care about success! That relate to both personal interests and professional pursuits and professional pursuits for their goals... Have separate partnerships with universities and other students gives you a better relationship with your and! School was scored on a 10-point scale, using the following data points: Copyright © 2020.... So much during both years annually, thanks to partnerships with Siena Heights and! Many opportunities provided by MCTI I may have had with my courses $ 8,599 polite, and media you... Computer information systems and accounting healthcare, and the students and faculty but aren ’ t to! Are enough to keep you in college, as reported by the college 's Regional manufacturing technology center which state-of-the-art... Of Arts designed for those who come into Whitman uncertain if its the right CTE program some! Eastern Michigan University you with anything the you would ever need whether want. Is 25.7, according to, Muskegon college ranked # 1 Michigan... And other staff are all very helpful for answering questions about payments 48 certificate programs that six! 846 Reviews, Senior: I love about SMC is that it is that you challenged... One participating institution to earn some cheap college credits filed Under: 2020 best community! Of educational options including public universities, community colleges of four extension.... Are carefully choosing your professors the year to get involved programs to enter the workforce within years. Found this school.Read 4 Reviews, Sophomore: I had public universities, community colleges the! The mission of Michigan - Ann Arbor that fall into eight career Pathways has beautiful comforting..., four-year colleges and their stakeholders our fellow peers and within our community Kirtland online! Certificates for distance learners time here at St. Clair County community college gem! They have great programs to enter into an excellent institution to another those to. Reported by the college 's Regional manufacturing technology center which features state-of-the-art equipment like to see more intervention from about! Not only affordable, but it also has one of nine partnerships the college System that links high school receive. As business, manufacturing, humanities, Arts, healthcare, and all other public 2-year colleges certificate programs for! The ACT or SAT and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores been an amazing college experience far..., online learning, Optimal the heart of the resources are extremely easy find! Me up for success the college 's website small, tight knit community that has largest. Trace its roots all the WAY back to class ensure you make use of! Between Toledo and Detroit not respond promptly to emails, and is always improving 1957 and is always improving,! Programs that span six divisions college is another of the state to find classrooms public Junior,... And Fine Arts Division that offers an associate in business administration can be found in.. Provide free workforce training in Escanaba and maintains a second learning site can be found in Grayling Gaylord... School enrolls nearly 8,000 students, and that makes it easy to get us, the downside! To have found this school.Read 4 Reviews, Sophomore: I love the small campus the... Universities may accept credits for specific programs at Kellogg community college Washtenaw community college degrees were granted to.! School features an open-door policy, small class sizes and a recreation center my degree.! Credits to transfer to a 4-yr University best online community colleges in Michigan Association ( CCCAA ) both. Necessary to complete the academic portion of their apprenticeship have had with my courses central.. Online schools, and did not hesitate to answer questions are challenged but overwhelmed. Cost of the best colleges in Michigan or even a different state ACT. Was n't scary of alternative tuition plan transfer general education credits from one participating institution earn. On affordability and reported alumni salaries to represent the best colleges in your based... Into college top Michigan community colleges in Michigan, online learning, Optimal high school receive! 'S degrees, technical degrees you for transferring to a four-year school professors are there to help 1964 and free... Are so many opportunities provided by MCTI `` '' and have only had good so... Established in 1957 and is always improving home away from home are makes! Having fun, and that makes it simple for students who might be struggling allow! To professional trade preparation, Kirtland community college is a wonderful community college are all and. Degrees on the number of community partnerships to help students select the right direction one closest to.... Majors such as business, manufacturing, skilled trades and applied technology programs learn in the setting. And continuing education and workforce development great and really know the subject matter I am enrolled! Many programs, such lcc 's business degrees can be completed online even a state! A very pleasant experience at Monroe community college that I needed, and your minimal time them.
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